Revival Meetings


The purpose of the Revival Meetings is to bring the heart of man back to the heart of God with passion and zeal. All who come will fall passionately in love with Jesus Christ. The Gospel of the Kingdom is experienced during these Revival Meetings and many lives are changed and transformed.

JIM INDIA committed to conduct series of revival meetings in Andhra Pradesh, neighbouring states and other parts of the globe. Rev. Joshua preached with great burden to the massive crowd, many were heard the Good news of Jesus Christ and touched by the power of God, healed, redeemed, delivered, revived and mainly thousands of people came to Christ. people are throng to the stage to testify what the Lord has Done in their lives.

Rev. Joshua has been gifted to preach the Word of God and whenever an invitation arrives from any city, village, or church asking Rev. Joshua to come preach the Word of God. We are always willing to go.

Youth ministry plays a major role in training the next generation youth leaders and equipping them to impact this generation for Jesus. Our goal is to see young people establish a relationship with Jesus and walk closely with the Lord; And from the depth of their relationship with Christ, making Him known to the peoples of the world.

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