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Youth Ministry

Today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow. The main motto of Joshua International Ministries (JIM INDIA) “If we win today’s youth for Jesus, then tomorrow Satan will enjoy hell on this earth”.

In the Bible, God used youth as key persons in fulfilling divine plans. God raised young Joseph to be His Prime Minister to entire land Egypt. God blessed young David, Joshia, Jehoash as His Kings, God used young girls like Ruth as a queen, Mary (mother of Jesus) as His chosen vessel. Even our Lord Jesus Christ in His teens died for the whole humanity.

Teenagers have vitality, energy, and nerve. The adults either criticize or envy, for it. But the teen years aren’t just about the thrill and enjoyments. Teens face trials, unpredictable decisions, and confrontations. Youngsters are in the midst of making preference concerning so many things. So God saw the desperate situations of youth and to win and mold current generation as future evangelist,  God gave special burden to Pastor. Joshua Kalepalli towards youngsters and he is using all God given strength and stuff to attract and win today’s youth in youth rally’s and conferences.

The main teachings of Pastor. Joshua Kalepalli for youth are Christ centered life, Godly behavior  and high Christian standards in day to day life. Sermons of Sudhir saved and equipped so many youth as Jesus replica in this dark world.
Glory be to Jesus.